Aquariums: How To Get There


Little Dead GuyFirst of all, here's a link to a site that has lots of pictures of amazing aquariums. Go ahead: take a look. These are all fresh water planted aquariums. Once you have taken a look at them, we'll come back and talk about what we know how, and what we can learn. We'll start going from the little dead guy to the left here (he seems pretty happy for a dead guy though doesn't he) to some of the aquariums that you've seen at the site linked above.


Cool aquariums right? And how do these people do it?....Get these amazing aquariums going? Some folks might argue that the success of these aquariums has to do with spending massive quantities of money. Not so. The big aquarium I have at home now pretty much pays for itself as I take the excess plants to an aqurium store every three or four months and trade them for fish, food, maybe some fertilizer (I only buy fertilizer once every two or three years...I don't use much as mostly I fertilize with what amounts to shrimp poop). The plants that I bring to class to put in our aquariums are leftovers from this big aquarium at home.

So again, what is it that the people who run these big, fancy aquariums have? Mostly it's not fancy equipment or aquariums: mostly it's knowledge. And this is one of those situations where, as we begin to aquire the knowledge we need to run an aquaruim , we'll see that knowledge is power. Big time. Because as we learn we'll get pretty good at keeping fish alive and then breeding. Really...we'll get to the point where we have babies. And you can take some home. So lets get started.

Getting started for us will involve reading, first of all, about "the basics" what we need to make a good basic aquarium go. And we can't just "skim over" read. We need to really read--read closely and understand what we read. In order to do this we'll do the following. I have a reading for you on
"the basic. " I need you to read it and then to show that you have read it reasonably well, answer some questions. If you can't get the questions (important ones for us if we're going to get our aquariums going well) you gotta go back and read again until you do get them. Once you've gotten the questions covering the first part of the reading sorted out we'll move on. As we acquire knowedge, we'll start to set our aquariums up. Cool? Let's get going.