Contacting Mr. Jones

.Extra Help: If students have questions about missed work, assignments they are having difficulty with, marks, or other issues, I am available from 3:20 to 4:30 either in the English office or in our classroom (room 308)...or when the volleyball season is on, I'll be in one of the gyms but can still take questions..  Occasionally I will have an appointment or a meeting after school. So if you can, remember check in with me during class just to make sure I'm around. But again, for the most part I am around. .   It is best to seek additional help after school as I can spend as much time as needed to help clarify and resolve problems.  
I am also available via e-mail and will generally respond to reasonable, politely phrased questions within a day.  My school e-mail address is:
E-mail provides an effective means of parent contact particularly where student progress is concerned as it is easy for me to update parents by providing:

  1. Links to recent assignments (all assignments are available on the Internet),
  2. Quick, timely updates of student progress if there have been problems,
(In some cases) copies of completed, marked student work (if, for instance, the student’s assignment was submitted in a digital format).