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Project 1: Strengths and Challenges—
Avoiding Procrastination

 We will begin our course by examining the whole problem of "procrastination" (putting things off).  We will complete this examination by working on three sets of skills: reading to find information, collecting and describing data, and paragraph construction.  Specifically, we will:

  1. Read a document on procrastination and what we can do to get over this problem in our own lives

  2. Reflect on our own experience and describe where we have procrastinated

  3. Write a short report about goals we would like to set for this course, and how we can achieve these goals.

Lets Get Started!!


Project 2: Who "They" Want Us To Be—
...the Media and Me

In or second discussion we will look at that massive sea of images and ads that come at us every day. You're thinking "Like I see these things every day and I have to look at them again? Well...yes, but not just look at them. What we will do is ask the big question:

How does this material affect how we think--about ourselves, about others around us--and then how do they affect our lives and the way that we act?

This will be one of those "there is no right answer" type discussions, although there will be clearly organized, well supported and written answers. This project will not be about getting it right so much as it will be about developing the ability to consider how something--ads in this case--affect you, and then what you might do in response.



Project 3: Who We Don't Want To Be—
Theories of Relativity

We have a very good novel to work with in this course. It is about a bunch of highschool aged people who, for a variety of reasons, end up out on the street. The novel follows these people as they try to make their way through the world, sometimes with quite painful consequences. As such it might be argued that the book is a bit of an instruction book for how not to take care of yourself. Of course it's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback--and you'll get an opportunity to do this as you write a report about the problems of one of the characters in the book and what could be done to help them, On the other hand it's an entirely other situation to find yourself in this situation. In this particular case though you'll do just that as you explore what you would do if you found yourselves caught up in the world of the characters in this book.



Culminationg Activity:
Real Problems , Real Solutions

 The culminating project in this course will allow you to demonstrate your ability to work through the research process that has been at the center of this course, while also providing real information that will help some group in need.

At CALC we have students that struggle with problems ranging from where to find shelter, how to get food and medical help, how to get off drugs, where to get work, how to get help with the next part of their education. In this final project you will identify resorces that will help these people, assemble a brief report and presentation to inform teachers about where students can get help and provide a short handout or brochure that could be used by students.