Welcome to ENG4C with Mr. Jones

As discussed in class, assignments can be found to the left here with a heading for each unit, and then subheadings for related documents.

As an opener in the Grade 12 course, I like to start with a discussion of careers--where you want to go, what you want to do when you leave high school. This lets us sort out what you really need in terms of English language skills when you leave this class--folks that are going into the trades will have somewhat different needs relative to folks who are studying digital technology for instance, and those that are studying digital technology will have a different set of requirements relative to those who are considering a career in medical technology or dental health. Establishing your individual needs at the beginning of the course will help me tailor the course to those needs.

Because I'm not sure what background you have where things like interview skills, research skills and report writing skills are concerned, I try, as much as possible, to really clarifty exactly what I want from you by providing things like templates, and samples. As will always be the case, all of these materials are available and can be found in the menu to the left here. So lets get started with "Where You Want to Go? What You Want to Do?."