I like to make this course as useful as possible for students. In order to do that we will focus, first of all, on your future so that we can tailor what we do in this course to your career future.

Online Exercise:

To do this in order to begin this process we'll look, first of all, at what you hope to do in the future. To do so:

  1. Begin by creating a logon at Career Cruising. There are two levels of Logging On to this site. I would recommend logging on not only at the outside level, but also at the inner "Individual Locker" level. This lets you save results and also to complete some of the secondary tests.
  2. Having set up an account go to the on Career Assessment Section and complete the "Career Matchmaker" Assesmment. Remember what we said about saving results. Remember to create a locker and save the results to this test.
  3. Completed your assessment? Good. In class we'll use this information to assemble a short report about you, your interests, and careers that you might consider. Then we'll take a look at the sort of language skills that you might need for these careers. Finally I'll get you to make some recommendations about how you think that this course might best be tailored to you and your needs.

Interview and Online Communication:

  1. Survey For Your Teacher
  2. Dream Interview Sheets

Using the Online Career Survey Results:

  1. Explanation of Process
  2. Template For Developing Content
  3. Essay Template