Welcome to Mr. Jones' Grade 12U English. You may be wondering about "the boat, ...it is a boat right?"--the thing in the picture above.

Actually it's supposed to be a submarine of some sort; one of those constructions that 150 years later, we can look at and then shake our heads/wonder if anyone actually tried to use as a submarine. In hindsight it looks like something that was maybe good on paper, but that, y'know, you wouldn't actually want to take out in water over your head.

We have to do this course--a grade 12U English course. This is not the easiest course to complete in even good conditions, and then to do it in nine weeks!? One day someone might look back at this site and this course, shake their head and think something akin to the "someone would go into water over their head in that thing" thought suggested above w/r/t the submarine. In hindsight...

But we don't have the benefit of hindsight. We do have nine weeks to finish a 4U English course. Of course it can be done--kind of like the submarine above can, no doubt, be made to go underwater--but we are trying to do something where, because of the design limitations of the variant of "Good Ship 4U" we have been given, leaves us with a lot of potential for "falling off the boat" (okay...so the metaphor doesn't work so well with a submarine...but you get the picture) and because of this we need to exercise more than the normal level of due dilligence: we really need to stay on our toes and do the best we can at all times.

If we do pay attention and slug away, we will make it through the course and avoid falling by he wayside: we'll learn what we gotta learn and be prepared for college or university. Yellow Submarine
Soooo, to quote Ringo Starr "All aboard!!" Lets see what we can do.

Note: The washrooms are at the end of the hall. Ask around: folks will tell you. As for the material in this course, you would do well to bookmark the assignment listings page above (and not this page...it provides an intro, and a cute yellow submarine picture but doesn't really help that much). All assignment materials will also be listed in the menu to your right, beginning with the grammar materials that will be interspearsed throughout the course. If you have any questions I am generally available within a couple of hours at the address listed on the contact page in the links shown above.

Best of luck then and do try to show up to class on a regular basis. We have a lot of work to do and I hope to make the time you spend in your class well worth your while.

Mr. Jones