Marking Symbols And "Repair Links"
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The following symbols are used to indicate the errors described.  Where possible errors and problems have been linked to worksheets and explanations found at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab  You might consider trying this material out and then talking to your teacher If you are still confused. Also included at the end of this list,  is a short list of reputable online essay writing workshops/references.

<  > (     ) [   ] shows extent of error
frag     sentence fragment  
CS     comma splice
ROS     run on sentence
FS     fused sentence
S V agr t/agr subject verb agreement, tense/agreement
t. shift     tense shift between sentences
PA     pronoun-antecedent error
mis mod     misplaced modifier
ad     Adjective/Adverb Errors
dang st amb.   dangling structure
//     parallel structure error
sp     spelling
poss     possession problem

NP   new paragraph

NoNP   no new paragraph
BW     better wording
WW meaning   wrong word
meaning ? unclear meaning unclear
rep     repetition
red     redundant
S.F. focus   sentence focus problems
clutter wordy    
try     try this suggested word/phrase/sentence/ordering stragegy
logic     logic error
cliche     overused expression
coll     colloquial language
trans  v trans h trans transition problem
amb     ambiguous
order     order problems--paragraph
context   provide context information
p punct.   punctuation problem (scroll down to punctuation problems)
case     wrong case
hyph     hyphenation error
strikethrough   strike through--hand/machine
not M.L.A.     not per M.L.A.
var     sentence variety
passive  pv   passive voice
1st per.  per voice   using 1st per in academic writing
gd dev     good development
gd //     good parallelism
gd trans.     good transition
gd order     well ordered paragraph
gd ex.     good use of examples
gd. expl.     examples well explained

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