Here are the resources mentioned/used during the sessions I've run.

  1. Submitting Marks Digitally From Markbook Files (in the TDSB)
  2. More Recent, Most Consistent Using Markbook
  3. Implementing The 70/30 Split

Digital Submission:

  • Setting Up A Class using a data file(Importing)
  • Updating A Class (After class is set up)
  • Adding Learning Skills (animation)
  • Adding Comments (animation)
  • Exporting Marks (Basic Explanation by Ben Song with overview of adding comments and learning skills included)
  • Exporting Marks (Basic Explanation by Leigh Mulhall: no comments or learning skills but details about final process)
  • Expanded Explanation of Exporting 1 (Link Not Available: Being Updated)
    Intended for those who will be assisting others and who need to know how the various bits of software are interacting ("warning...long and boring !!"--Leigh Mulhall)
  • Expanded Explanation 2 (Link Not Available: Being Updated)

More Recent, Most Consistent (including template files):

Setting Up For The 70/30 Split:

  • Implementing the 70/30 Split
  • Sample Class File
    To download and open this Sample Class in Markbook:
    1.RIGHT CLICK THIS LINK (left clicking will give you a browser full of gibberish). Select save as, and download to a suitable location in your homespace.
    2.In the Windows Explorer find your file. Change the name from sampleClass.tdsb to (I had to change the extension or you wouldn’t be able to download it at school).
    3.Right click on your file, select “Extract All” and choose a suitable location in which to unzip this folder of material.
    4.In Markbook find and open the folder  “Sampleclass.”  Then open the class Sample.