Student Contact

Extra Help: If students have questions about missed work, assignments they are having difficulty with, marks, or other issues, I am available from 3:20 to 4:30 in the room 209-210 area Monday through Thursday, and often on Friday.  It is best to seek additional help after school as I can spend as much time as needed to help clarify and resolve any problems.  

I am also available via e-mail and will generally respond to reasonable, politely phrased questions within a day.  My school e-mail address is:

E-mail provides an effective means of parent contact particularly where student progress is concerned as it is easy for me to update parents by providing:

  1. Links to recent assignments (all assignments are available on the Internet)
  2. Quick, timely updates of student progress if there have been problems
  3. In some case copies work that has been submitted (if the assignment submitted was in digital form).


Download Adobe Software Page

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HRC Category 5 Jobs (Related to TGJ)

Ontario Skills Passport Site

Our Lit Test Example



Getting Started

First: Here's the "Course Outline" discussed on day

Primary Rubrics Used In Course (Demonstrate Enduring Understandings...the big ideas you must demonstrate you understand and can use by the end of the course)

  1. Design Report Rubrics
  2. Final Product Rubric


Problem Solving Introduction

Cycle 1

To begin our trip through the design development process we will first discuss the difference between a client, producer and audience. We will then discuss what we need to find out from our client when we first begin to consider developing a project. We will then have our first client meeting with our "client": Mr. Jones as he explains the first product that we will develop. Then we'll work together to develop this product. more...

Cycle 2

The second design development cycle will include a discussion of digital photograph and Adobe Photoshop. Our discussion will begin with some basic technical knowledge needed to understand cameras and how they work. We will work our way through the design cycle again, this time constructing material that helps teach photographic composition and the elements of design. more....

Cycle 3

The third design development cycle materials.

Cycle 4

The fourth design development cycle materials.


In developing our projects all members of the class will find useful resources on the net that will help others in our class. As students e-mail addresses for these resources, I will post them in this section of our site.

Using Adobe InDesign

  1. Adobe's Master Help Page
  2. Setting up a Text frame
  3. Character Level Formatting
  4. Setting A Style (We Will Ultimately Do This)
  5. Adding Lots of Text (Not really needed for this project)
  6. Adding Images
  7. Wrapping Text Around Graphics
  8. Using the Text Wrap Tool
  9. Other Video Topics

Using Photoshop

  1. Adobe Photoshop Tutorial
  2. Adding and Cropping Screenshots in Word

Component Useful To The Web Portion of the Course

CSS Template Sites

Exam Prep

Core Concepts That Will Be Addressed